alm Court



Perhaps it may be nice for you to know

a little about your hosts....

We are a family of  professional artists who have

been most fortunate to have been

given a lifetime of unusual 

experiences and opportunity  to meet a variety

of amazing  and wonderful people. 

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Hello and welcome


Hi I'm Karen and I simply adore cooking!

Over the years i have had a great deal of experience cooking 

without adding any meat or dairy.

Having  created a  rather large collection of  delicious recipes

 i am at present writing a plant based cook book.

Because of my great love of animals

i became a vegetarian from a child,

and am now proud to say i am vegan. 

  i really love meeting people  too, and  it will be my pleasure

 to make you feel welcome



The Law of attraction

  & positive thinking

at Palm Court Polperro

The law of attraction

The law of attraction along

with positive affirmations have been

part of our  every day lives for many years....

 we all believe it is the

secret to having a happy and successful

 life which every one deserves.

Each day we will add another positive  thought

to  both encourage and  uplift you .


Hello and welcome


Hello I’m Melvyn,

May I first of all say thank you for visiting

our website and reading our  “about us” page.

We have always had a passion for fine arts and fine antiques, which greatly reflect the interior of Palm Court.

In my past professional career I have painted Royalty,

celebrities, together with many household names;

and have illustrated Naval and official Royal Air Force paintings. My personal passion was to paint wildlife and some of my paintings are on display at Palm court. Thank you again for reading and I hope to

meet some of our guests in the near future.


Why Palm Court


When we decided to open Palm Court 

it was never our intention to create a 

“home from home” vacation; rather we wanted our guest’s 

to have a more of an experience. 

Palm court has its eccentricities’ and is most unusual,

visitors and our friends have always commented 

on the ethereal  atmosphere and 

lovely vibes in the house…

This is what we decided to share. 

Love meeting new people and making new friends


In the near future we may offer a variety of venues, however for the present we will simply see if we enjoy what we are doing now; but most important we are exited to  see if you enjoy the Palm Court Experience.

           And No we are not as mad as a box frogs!

             ….At least we don’t think so


We wish all our guests to have the opportunity to escape somewhat the outside world, and experience for a short while an atmosphere where there is no cruelty and sense peace and harmony. We  also know Palm Court is special and unique, we now share her with you…. Much love to all our  friends and guests from all at Palm Court.