The Story Of The Wooden Horse With A Heart.

Called Bright Star

At Palm Court we believe that we  have possibly the most beautiful Rocking horse in the world....... if you want to find out why please read his short story below

My Story,

I was made many years ago, even lifetimes ago. 

By one of the worlds most famous rocking horse makers and my breed was called F.H. Ayres

Over my lifetime many have loved me and also been very kind,

although I have to say there  were many others who were  were no so kind to me ,

 and they were very  cruel.

They left me unloved and uncared for for yet another lifetime…… 

I thought I would never be loved again,

 infact I was so badly beaten was in such poor condition I thought I was beyond help..

Then one winters night which was close to Christmas time

there came along two people, a brother and a sister who took pity on me. 

She was a  sculptor and he was a renowned artist

and luckily for me they both spent many untold hours making me look handsome once again,

except this time they said nobody would  ever be cruel to me again,

and they called me Bright Star.

 I am now very proud to say I stand happy in Beautiful Palm Court Polperro

with a collection box around my neck

to help other less fortunate horses and donkeys,

those who are not made of wood but flesh and blood,

it is my new family’s way of trying to help others

so that one day they too might know the touch of a human hand in kindness not cruelty.


Whilst we appreciate not not everyone who views this website will indeed visit palm Court, may we please respectfully ask if you are able to donate any amount no matter how small, it would be most gratefully received by those poor creatures who  so badly need help.

We have added a link below for donations.   


 We thought it would be nice for our guests to be able to  see Bright Star who

carries a small collection box and is on display in the hall at Palm Court when they visit us.





The reasons we decided to open Palm Court was to share with others 

some of the  knowledge we have gained over the years with a kind way of living , which gives compassion and kindness to all creatures both two and four legged! 

Thank you for reading this page   from Karen and Melvyn at Palm Court


If you can help with donations please contact the Flicka Foundation Donkey Sancturary tel 01326 373601