Fabulous Plant Based Food.


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All our beautiful food contains no meat or dairy products, it is our promise to our

guests that we will not use any  microwaves.

Hello There

"I'm Karen and  one of my

passions is cooking. 

At present I'm writing a

vegan cookery book.

I have spent a long time cooking with and using various combinations of plant based foods as replacements and  alternatives for both meat and dairy.

Plant based foods can be both delicious and extremely tasty too.  

To my delight  both my meat eating friends along with my fellow vegans

enjoy them imensley. I have created some recipes especially for our guests at Palm Court

Bon Appetite !

P.S.  Our guests can even order homemade popcorn to enjoy  in their room whilst watching Sky or a movie on Netflix ."


-Foods we serve for you to enjoy-


Good Ingredients!

Ask anyone who loves cooking and i feel

sure they will agree with me when 

i say organic food tastes the best .

Wherever possible i will always use organic 

and i will never cook using a microwave.

Its amazing  to think how one can

eat a  plant based diet and still be able to have

all the same  indulgent tasting foods

such as chocolate, cakes , pasties etc..


At Palm Court we aim to offer our  a new concept in Bed and Breakfast, 
our guest's will have  plant based food,
 which is where ever available organic. 
We guarantee no foods are cooked using microwaves.  
We  also give you the option to have special Palm Court cooked breakfasts,
or you may wish to choose a flavoursome smoothy,
or even perhaps a homemade cold pressed juice.
The choice is yours...
Please let me know upon booking to allow us the time to source
the freshest available ingredients 
ready for your stay .