Get ready for a new and exiting blog, with recipes ,

hints, tips and special offers just for you!

Hello ......
thank you so much for visiting our new website,
we are shortly to launch our blog site called "  Share The Joy"
 featuring easy vegan plant based recipes,
interesting articles and there will  also be special offers and so much more........
Over the years so many people have asked me about my cooking and recipes.
Then they ask me  how they too can have food like this at home...... 
On Our blog site I really do hope to answer
some of the questions people ask, when they venture
into the exiting and very lovely lifestyle of living a vegan or plant based life.
 Many of my secrets and tips will will be  shared
 along with some delicious step by step recipes .......
So  please do leave me your details below  if you would like me to send you a link when
 Share The Joy is launched. 
Thank you from Karen at Palm Court.